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Is there a new Indie wave?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

With Arijit Singh and Amit Trivedi announcing their plans to go independent, we take a look at what’s in store for Indian music henceforth. Indie music or independent music refers to music produced by the artists themselves or at least without the help of commercial record labels. It puts success and fame within the reach of the common man by removing big business from the equation. The recent death of Sushant Singh Rajput shone a much-needed spotlight on nepotism in the industry and the masses are slowly beginning to see the paradigm shift unravel before them. The future is here and many popular artists are making the jump, tired of the corporate shackles binding them.

Gone are the days of massive concerts and the troubadour lifestyle, indie music caters to everyone, people on their way to work, students bunking off, couples on a long drive, no one is left behind. And the artists? Well they’re just thinking about the music. No manager, no record label, no troubles. Just the free flowing sounds that drive them. The technological backing they need to showcase their vision is accessible, easy to use and inexpensive. A shining light that permeates to the most obscure nooks of this country and gives even the smallest artist their day in the sun.

After decades of young and naïve artists going to Bombay to “make it big” in Bollywood, indie music offers a refreshing change of pace. Although not a new concept by any standard, what with independent records like Herald and Ember which later agglomerated along with others to create The Recording Company, known even today for being the institution behind the Grammys, which formed in the 1950’s. But this movement has not seen as much success in India as it did in the west, largely due to the monopoly of Indian big-wig companies like T-series and Sony music, which collectively control around 60% of the market, but also due to the notion that Bollywood movie music was the only viable path forward. The success of artists like Prateek Kuhad, Parekh & Singh, Nucleya and numerous rock bands in the South like Avial, Skrat, Thermal and a Quarter, among others have paved the way for newcomers into what is now a buzzing music scene riddled with opportunity. Streaming services like Gaana, Spotify and Apple Music have not been blind to this and recent expansions in India show that they have been paying attention as well.

This is why SRKB Studios is looking at giving an appropriate path for these artists, where they don't have to sell their souls and neither do they have to pay a penny. It shouldn't cost money to tell your story in the right way. We also want to promote independent musicians and all associated industries. Why don't you join our forum to keep a track of everything SRKB Studios does or email us to collaborate?

Article by Suraj George K

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